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How to buy Laptop in Australia

If you planning to come here (Australia) and I you don't have laptop back in your country then please buy your laptop in Australia. There are numerous advantage in doing this and I strongly recommend you to buy your new laptop in Australia. This article will help you to understand the reason behind my point and you will definitely think again before buying your laptop back in home land.

Laptop Service: If your laptop crashes, or some fault in your hardware you need to spend more then what you are expecting. Servicing any electronic items is really expensive and you will end up in paying $100 plus each time. Same time I don't think any warranty covered in Australia if you have bought your laptop in other country.

Buy Local: The reason behind my point is to put you in hassle free situation. If you buy laptop in Australia you get your warranty and you can even extend your warranty for few 100 dollars. This process will put you in hassle free situation and more over they will fix your laptop straight way if there is any issue. I am one among few people who had issues with my laptop and they fixed my laptop in 3 days without any cost.

More options: You will definitely have more options when you buy your laptop in Australia. There are few online sites and more electronic show rooms which will help you to pick up right laptop for you.

Piracy:Australia is not big fan of pirate software, so its better to buy original software which will be included in your starter pack. So better get original software and make use of it .

Below links will help you to compare laptop prices:




You can find local reviews in the below sites:



How to find full time job in Australia

Most of us struggling to find full time job after completing our course or after we migrate to Australia but this article will help you to find full time job as quick as possible. I have outlined few tips to overcome this issue and offcourse will help you to plan your career path.

Build your resume: As we all know Resume and Cover letter is the first gateway to sell you in the job market, so spend more time in preparing your resume and cover letter. If you have confusion in preparing resume please refer to my pervious post “How to write killing resume ” which will help you to prepare resume and cover letter.

Meet the consultant: After preparing your resume meet as much consultant you can, this helps you to increase your job network and I am sure you will get a call from them in a month. Consultant / Job agencies main job is to find best people for there client and they always looking for talent candidate. Below link will give you most of the consultants address, phone number and contact details.

Apply directly to company: Most of the companies have their own separate HR website, so apply through them. Make sure you are uploading the right resume and make sure you update your skill set if you complete any certification. Remember Keywords are very important because most of the website will filter resume according to keywords.

Permanent residency issue: One of the biggest blocker in finding full time job is PR status, but if you have 100% skill set and if you convince your company most of the company will offer you a job. Only 10% of people offered job without PR or TR but when you look those people they would have convinced their employee in interview. I am one among them who convince my employee and I was offer a job before I completed my course. Don’t be afraid to tell your job agency that you’re not holding PR but make sure you tell that you got all the skill set they asked for.

Prepare for your interview: Interview is another major blocker for few people but here are the tips to overcome that blocker.
1) Communication is very important, So sell yourself by communicating well and make sure you highlight all the skill sets you got which is related to job requirement.
2) Understand the job requirement and make sure you give live example for each requirement. 3) Don’t get caught in surprises, be prepared for technical and HR round. Most of us fail in technical so better be prepared for that.
4) Know your employer, before going to interview read as much you can and know about the employer you have applied and make sure you know what their core values are.
5) Do a mock interview at home and try to analysis your positive and negative side.
6) Talk good things about your previous employer and try to talk more about team work.
7) Always remember its WE not I, so make sure you don’t show to employer as if your one man army.

Feedback: Even If you failed in Interview make sure you get your feedback and try to change yourself in future.

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